Risk Manage Saturday Night Meal

Risk Manage the Saturday Night Meal!

Risk Manage Saturday Night Meal

You are having a bunch of friends coming to your place on Saturday night. You’ve decided to cook for them; on the menu there’s French Onion Soup followed by Slow-roasted Lamb Shoulder, finished with Crème Brulee. Although you consider yourself a good cook you’ve never prepared any of these before!

Now what would you do? Download the recipes from the internet, buy the ingredients from the local store and follow the instructions on the morning of Saturday? Sounds too risky huh? There’s a great chance this will lead to wasting a lot of ingredients, leaving you with blushed face and little bit of embarrassment before you order Pizza for everyone on the night!

Another approach is obviously to try cooking them the day before in a much smaller scale. This way you have the luxury of a few tries and wasting a lot less ingredients; and if it didn’t work out then run the plan B and tell everyone they’re going to have Pizaa on the night!

So why wouldn’t we follow the same approach when we’re delivering a fairly unknown and untried module in our project?

“Proof-of-Concept” is an un-loved and often overlooked practice which can save thousands of dollars as much as it can save us from blushing!

(By Ali Nobar)