Novo Nordisk


In March 2020, Novo Nordisk was facing a big challenge! Their ambitious program to rapidly expand and go to the market with their latest product offering, while their underlying database, middle-ware and reporting platform could not keep up with the pace of expansion and market demand. So they approached us to assist with their very challenging and time-constrained project.

There have been hundreds of new order queries coming from their geographically disperse locations and the performance and inherent design of their data-store and analytics platform were massively slowing their teams down, to the point that the issue negatively disrupted their BAU teams.

How we helped

We mobilised our teams in a matter hours and prioritised their issues according to their criticality and frequency of occurrence.

Our database engineers sprung into action to fix their data import and export issues, tactically fixing their Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) while making sure we don’t create technical debt for future remediation.

Our analytics team then jumped onboard to ensure Novo’s global operations and executives could get the latest insights and analytics in “Real-time”, enabling them to make timely tactical and strategic decisions.

As of Aug 2020, although Novo’s critical issues are fixed to a great extent, our team is still onboard assisting Novo’s key stakeholders with their day-to-day queries, as well as designing a strategic solution to prevent the issues from happening in the future.

What are we proud of?

In this challenging project we pride ourselves in adopting quickly in an agile fashion, fixing critical issues by taking a risk-based approach, all the while not losing sight of strategic directions and future requirements.