M&A Seperation and Integration

M&A Post-Deal-Close Migration

Many mergers don’t live up to expectations, due to the inherent complexity in the integration of technology and operations. But a well-planned strategy, paired with our in-house developed M&A Integration Framework (MAIF) for IT integration can help mergers succeed.

According to a study by McKinsey, “more than half the synergies available in a merger are strongly relate to IT”!

M&A Integration Framework.
M&A Integration Consulting Service

Our Expertise

We provide the unique expertise required to assist with the inherent complexity of Post-M&A Integration from People, Process and Technology perspectives.

As a result of many years of experience assisting large M&A programs in Australia, we’ve built a robust and comprehensive framework for post-deal-close integration. We call it MAIF – M&A Integration Framework.



The scope of our work is integration and migration of IT assets, people and processes, either on the BUY or SELL side of the deal.

MAIF is an E2E framework from the inception to delivery and handover. It assists you to setup the program of work, build the architecture using M&A Reference Architecture, setup delivery pipelines and ensure the quality of artefacts, and all the while keeps you focused on forming your Target Business Model (TOM) and realising synergies.

Our Clients



We assisted CBA with the de-merger of system and processes of CBA Life Insurance, General Insurance and Loan Protection Insurance (sell side). We designed Business, Information, Integration and Security architecture for this major migration project.




We led the merger of Suncorp Life Insurance with TAL (buy side), managing complex Application Integration and Data Migration of Policy Admin Systems, CRM, Workflow, Data Warehouse and Reporting.
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We assisted Aware Super (formerly First State Super) with setting up and running the M&A architecture practice, integrating two organisations (First State Super and State Plus) from Functional and Technical perspectives.



Practice Lead

Ali Nobar

An IT architect by trade, Ali has 15+ years of experience in Financial, Wealth and Superannuation, Property & Construction, Telecom, Aviation, Transport, Public & Health Care and Pharmaceutical industries.

Ali has led complex M&A transformation and migration projects including CBA de-merger of CommInsure,  merger of FirstStateSuper and StatePlus, Merger of Suncorp life insurance with TAL, amongst others.

He has solid Enterprise, Solution and Integration Architecture background paired with excellent leadership and business acumen.

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