Staff Augmentation

Our Expertise

Staff Augmentation IT Consulting

Through decades in the ICT industry, we have built a network of resources that we not only engage for delivery of our projects, but that we can make available to you.

We are not a traditional recruitment model with a top tier Linkedin subscription as our value add, we are professionals at delivering solutions so we know exactly what to look for.

We can discuss your requirement with you prior to “got to market” and provide obligation free advice on if the staffing model you are looking at has the best chance of creating a successful project outcome.

We can work with you on Position Descriptions or – share ones we have to target exactly the right people and we pre screen via interview, all candidates so you don’t get a pile of resumes we dragged out of Linkedin. We deliver – “These 3 candidates fit your budget, are available now and can make your project a success, lets book a time so you can assess their fit to your business” No nonsense, the right people, properly vetted – by people who have personally managed delivering with those types of resources in enterprise scale initiatives.

Reach out to us at to discuss how we can help “spool up” your capability for a successful portfolio delivery.