Resolution Life


In early 2021, Resolution Life reached out to Logicore to assist with various initiatives across the IT including Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI/ML), Data Platform Design & Management, and Income Protection project, amongst others.

How we helped

Logicore mobilised solution architects and engineers specialised in the domain and technologies required by the client’s projects, and delivered the following:

  • Cutting edge Microsoft AI solutions to achieve the business values. Working in close coordination with data engineers and machine learning scientists to collectively design and deliver the solution.
  • Developed containers-based solutions on Azure AKS to help the architects and the project team design and build/deploy the AKS clusters.
  • Built & deployed non-prod and production AKS environments in a DevOps CI/CD way, using Microservices, the GitHub Enterprise suite, such as GitHub Actions, GitHub Container Registry, GitHub Packages, Azure ARM and Terraform for IaC and GitHub Secrets.
  • Assisted the project architects to create a HLSA (High-Level Solution Architecture) to support IPBC (Income Protection Benefit Calculation) project.
  • Delivered a new Pricing Analytics Tool/Application and carried out essential Cloud Foundations uplift initiatives to mature the Client’s current Azure Cloud platforms foundational underpinnings.
  • Created the Data Management Plan.
  • Maintained large enterprise deployments of IBM WebSphere Application Server and HTTP (Web) Server namely IBM HTTP Server, Apache & IIS